Liverpool left to wait

Liverpool have left to wait in shock after a virus attack
LODDON: Liverpool could be the first Premier League coach for the first time in a generation. Instead the stadium will be quiet and the streets empty.

Jurgen Klopp’s team needs Manchester City to fail to travel to Burnley on Saturday to give them a chance to sign a deal with their international rival Everton two days later. It doesn’t matter if it happened at Goodison Park or in the weeks to come, their first 30-year flying title was simply hypocritical.

But now fans are wondering, when, or if they will, become champions after the coronavirus destroys the world sports calendar. The message from Liverpool is that there are more important issues than football to talk about, even with the club getting closer to glory.

“I have said before that football always seems to be the most important of all things,” Klopp said in a statement on Friday.

“Today, football and football are less important. “If it is a choice between football and the good of the wider community, there is no competition. In fact, it is not.”

Klopp’s condition has earned him the support of World Health Organization official Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who thanked him for his powerful message.

Liverpool supporters, eager to reclaim their position in the English league title, agreed with their German manager, saying the epidemic was spreading the ball. The charitable donation organization Ghost of Shankly focuses on the devastating effects of the COVID-19 virus.

“In our discussions with @lfc we have asked for the assurance that non-playing staff will not lose their money as shifts are canceled,” the statement said. “We also need to remember those who are most at risk. Canceling football games means they (food banks) will be hit hard. ”

Liverpool have stumbled in recent weeks, have been knocked out of the Champions League byAtletico Madrid  and thrown out of the FA Cup by Chelsea. But they have become prime minister in the Premier League, leaving their rivals in the race to score 25 points clear of defending Manchester City’s title.

Going through goal Alisson Becker, Virgil van Dijk put a match on the defense and the front three of Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, Klopp’s men were unstoppable. Paul Hayward, writing in the Daily Telegraph, said Liverpool should have been left-handed for 19 years or not to play games.

“If the season ends soon, its natural winning streak is the point it reached before the summit: with emphasis, 29 games turned out to be a 38-game campaign, which is a decent grade,” he wrote.

“‘Moving’ for the 2019/20 football season would be a bad idea,” he added. “Awarding a medal is any time clubs are forced to stop feeling morally wrong.”

Blionon and Hove Albion’s chief executive, Paul Barber, said if the season was not “restricted” it would be unfair for Liverpool. “Everybody in the game is grateful for how good they have been and how good they are,” he told the BBC.

“But equally it would be unfair for teams to be released when there are still eight, nine, ten games to play in the Premier League.” But West Ham chairman Karren Brady said if the information was not finalized, the only solution would be to say that the season is “inactive and inactive”.

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