As the case of a coronavirus shut down thousands in Pakistan, many neighbors across the country saw the call being repeated from mosques and homes at the same time as yesterday evening.After 10pm, after Isha Azaan’s time across Pakistan, several observers heard many calls praying in various places. Twitter used the hashtag ‘#Azaan’ to discuss their experience of calling the prayer call at their local destinations at an unexpected time.
At first it was unclear how this was being integrated into many different parts of the country at the same time, but it emerged that some religious leaders had called on residents to repeat the Azaans on their porches and rooftops at 10 every night from Tuesday night.

One example is a video message from Saylani Foundation Chairman Maulana Bashir Farooq. In his message, Pharaohoq said that in times of distress and when tragedy struck, a call to prayer was answered aloud in the night, in an attempt to ask Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. difficult situation – repeats the Azaans together at ten o’clock. We hope that tens of thousands of people will repeat Azaan in the evening, ”he said.

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