Coronavirus: Bilawal urges government to take ‘decisive’ action to close
The PPP chairman, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, on Saturday, called on the government to take drastic measures by pushing the country to a close as the current novel continues to affect people in Pakistan. In taking to Twitter, Bilawal urged the government to “take decisive action ASAP” to reduce the severity of the coronavirus. “Pakistan needs to move on to deal with cracks. Every hour, every day we delay it will make the crisis worse.” We have already delayed, we should have done it earlier, we need a decisive action ASAP to alleviate the crisis now.
No province can handle this alone. We need the full power of the coalition government to facilitate the prevention, expansion of trials and assistance for those in need. While we hope for the good but we must prepare ourselves for the bad. At this point our health system will become frustrated. We have to learn from the experiences of other countries. It is a question of if not if it is not. Stay home now until the government makes up its mind. Stay home to protect yourself\

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