Restaurants, dhabas across Sindh may be ordered to close

KARACHI: The Sindh government is likely to direct restaurants and restaurants to close at 9pm as new cases of infection in the province and the country were reported on Monday.

According to a Sindh government spokesman, the prime minister has decided to adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ policy on ways to prevent a coronavirus epidemic. If hotel and overnight travel did not stop, the federal government could direct restaurants and restaurants to close at 9pm, the official said.

However, the speaker has made it clear that grocery stores will not be directed to close early.

IG Sindh has been ordered to arrest those selling Dettol, tissue paper, and sanitisers at the alleged cost, the official said.

Earlier, the prime minister held a press conference in which he revealed that the number of coronavirus patients in the province had dropped to 103. Shab revealed that 76 of the 103 patients who arrived in Sukkur district from Taftan (originally traveled to Iran) and 25 patients of the virus were in Karachi and one case was reported in Hyderabad.

Coronavirus crosses 130; Sindh reports a significant increase, KP reports first case
The number of confirmed cases increased in Pakistan increased to 136 on Tuesday after a sharp increase in cases of travelers returning from Iran through Taftan.

According to the Sindh Department of Health, 76 people from Taftan have been tested for the virus in Sukkur, where they are housed, with 27 cases in Karachi and one in Hyderabad.

The 15 new cases were also reported by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, all of whom were travelers returning from Pakistan via Taftan.

Ten cases were reported by Balochistan, four by Islamabad, three by Gilgit Baltistan, and one by Punjab.

The national tally, as a result, rose to 136.

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