850 million students unable to attend school, unesco

More than 850 million young people, or nearly half the world’s population, have been banned from their schools and universities because of the coronavirus epidemic, UNESCO said on Wednesday.
Calling it “an unprecedented challenge,” UNESCO said schools were closed in 102 countries, and partly closed in 11 others – more would be closed.
“More than 850 million children and youth – half of the world’s students – had to stay away from schools and universities,” the UN education agency said in a statement.
“That means more than doubling in four days with the number of students being banned from attending education institutions,” it added, reflecting the figures that came up last Tuesday.

“The scale and closure of the school and the university’s closure represent an unprecedented challenge in the field of education,” it said.
UNESCO has said that the international community is quick to fill the space by offering real-time videos and other high-tech solutions.
Some countries offer courses on television or radio.
The organization said it is holding regular meetings with education ministers around the world to find the best solutions and determine priorities.
“The current situation poses significant challenges for countries to be able to provide an uninterrupted education for all children and youth equally,” he said.

A chalkboard reads “It’s Corona Time” in an empty class room of a high school in Frankfurt, Germany, March 13, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

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