Angelina Jolie shuns coronavirus

Brad Pitt’s body, Angelina Jolie avoids looking at her heads when she smiles at her daughter. Angelina Jolie looks poised to be alone as the Hollywood star is known for a big smile while shopping with her young daughter Vivienne amidst the scary Los Angeles, California on Saturday.

Actress Maleficent, who has been busy watching her daughter Shiloh and Zahara undergo surgery, intends to pay attention to her 11-year-old daughter Vivienne as she walks into shops in Los Angeles, preventing the virus epidemic.

Brad Pitt’s wife is worried about the riots this weekend and joined the throngs of shoppers lurking in their shops during the devastating coronavirus.

The mother and her daughter seemed to be in good spirits with Angelina smiling widely while they were busy chatting with young Vivienne, who looked exactly like her good father, Brad Pitt, 54, down at her.

The Lara Croft star sported her a neutral make-up choice with a double bohemian white dress and embroidery, beige classic necklace and naked ballet flats, including a pair of gold address glasses, a black bag and earrings, while her daughter already had style alone, and rocked the boho baby top style of skirt with rope tights, fitted jeans and a comfortable pair

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