Prince Harry and Meghan ‘fearful

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already been collecting and returning to Canada in an effort to restore their lives. However, it looks like the couple are feeling a little nervous about their departure from the world.

Their new life will not include their royal staff and that is one of their most worrying thoughts, according to reports. At the Royal Forum, Omid Scobie spoke with Access Hollywood, and during the interview, he expressed Sussex’s true thoughts and feelings.

According to a source close to the Daily Mail, “They helped them withstand the tabloid attacks and helped them organize the tours and the amazing engagement. It’s the team that made it all possible.

Omid went on to add that the prince will have to find a new party to carry on their affairs, “They will start with a new group of people once they are completely out of the Royal Family. That will be it. Take time to get used to it.”

At a price this would cost, it seems that the couple is open to any value, as long as their needs are met because “this is what Meghan and Harry have always wanted – to create a life of their own.

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