corona rises to 76

The number of confirmed cases increased to 76 in Sindh on Monday after numerous cases were reported in the state.

New charges have been confirmed by Sindh government spokesman Murtaza Wahab in a tweet.

“So many results have come. So far 50 people who have come to Sukkur from Taftaan have been tested for HIV, 25 in Karachi and 1 in Hyderabad. So all patients have reached 76 in Sindh. Of these 76 patients, 2 have been converted and the other 74 have been kept in isolation, ”he said.

The previous day, it was reported that in Sindh there were 18 cases of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health and Social Freedom in Sindh said thirteen cases were reported in Sukkur to all returning Taftan. All new charges have been set aside.

Karachi has so far been the most disturbed city in Sindh, with 23 cases.

Five cases were reported in the city on Sunday while one was still reported today.

According to a Sunday review by the department, three of the victims returned from Saudi Arabia a few days ago and one has no recent travel history.

Later in the day, Senator Murtaza Wahab said another trial was underway. The patient hails from Balochistan and arrived in Karachi on March 14.

Worldwide, more than 6,000 people have died and more than 156,000 have been infected with COVID-19 as the disease spreads rapidly to new areas.

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