These 3 No-Brainer Stocks Are Leading the Market This Quarter. Can You Still Buy?

Most investors are enjoying the recent bounce in equity prices, but for some shareholders the bounce has been more of a catapult. Shares of Celsius (NASDAQ: CELH), Nu (NYSE: NU), and Wayfair (NYSE: W) have soared more than 50% just in the second quarter. The three stocks have risen 51%, 62%, and 61%, respectively, since the end of March.

The gains are substantial, but are they sustainable? Let’s take a closer look at the functional energy drink specialist, the Latin American next-gen banker, and the online furniture retailer. All but one of them appear well positioned to keep moving higher from here.

1. Celsius

The selling point for a can of Celsius is simple. Drink it, and the proprietary blend of ingredients triggers thermogenesis, safely bumping up your body temperature to the point where it can burn more fat and calories during a workout. It’s not just the beverage drinker that’s been working out. Celsius stock is a 30-bagger over the past five years.

Celsius may have initially found a receptive audience at gyms, fitness centers, and yoga studios, but it has clearly gone mainstream. The fruit-flavored sparkling beverages are available at most grocery stores and mass market retailers.

Another blowout quarter was behind the springtime surge. Revenue soared 95% in the first quarter, obliterating the 64% top-line increase that analysts were modeling. Its profit more than quadrupled, doubling the earnings that the market was expecting.


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