3 FTSE 100 stocks near 52-week lows! Should I snap them up today?

Warren Buffett says a “too-high purchase price” can undo a decade’s worth of stock market returns. It’s not enough to buy a good company, you need a good entry point too.

One way to do this is to look at stocks near their 52-week lows. A company at its cheapest price in a year could end up being a complete steal. These three big-name FTSE 100 stocks fit the bill. Should I buy them today?

Interestingly, this is a company that is growing. While smoking is declining in richer countries, there are more smokers than ever in the world. Most of this increase comes from middle-income countries, where more and more people can afford cigarettes.

As a potential investor, I’m wondering how long this can continue. The data suggests global smoker numbers will increase up to 2030, but what then? Long term, it’s hard not to see ciggies as on the way out.

BAT does have a sideline in non-combustibles – vapes, e-cigarettes and the like. These are 14% of revenues and growing. But these products might come under the regulatory hammer soon, and one reason for the 52-week low is rumoured action from the US government in this area.

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